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Updated: Oct 10, 2023

The story of our heart beat animals

Have you ever heard of Heart Beat Animals?? Well we sell them. Thats right!! We purchase a variety of animals from My Baby's Heartbeat Bear so that our clients have a very large selection to choose from. First we scan moms belly to find baby and their heart. Once we find the heart beat and measure heart rate (usually it takes 1-3 min to find) we begin to record the heart beat with a small device. It will capture the sound for a few minutes. In the back of every heart beat animal there is a small opening to place the recording device. So every time the animal is squeezed it will begin to play the sound of the heart beat that was recorded. It is such a great gift for the mother to be and any family member. Grandparents love the Heart Beat animals. You can add any heart beat animal to your service for $39.99.

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