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Q: Does this take place of an ultrasound at my doctors office?
A: ABSOLUTELY NOT! Women getting an elective prenatal ultrasound with Sneak a Baby Peek 4D Ultrasound MUST be receiving treatment with a Medical healthcare provider. A primary OBGYN is required for all mothers attending our studio. No referral required.  
Q: Is this ultrasound covered by my insurance? 
A: This is an elective prenatal procedure that insurance will not cover. 
Q: Are you able to tell the gender of the Baby?
A: Yes! After 13 weeks and the Heartbeat after 6 weeks.  Our Gender checks are usually performed in 2D, However we do offer a 4D/HD Gender Check Package for those moms interested in seeing baby's progress and growth throughout their pregnancy.
Q: Do I️ need an appointment?  Do you have a No -Show Policy?
A: Yes, appointments are highly recommended for all of our services.
Please be On-Time for your appointment.  There is a 10min grace period.  If you have not called or arrived then appointment will need to be rescheduled and a new $25 deposit fee will apply.  There is a $25 deposit fee due at time of booking.  The remainder balance of service will be due day of service.  Our system does require a credit card on file for All clients 
We do have a No-Show Policy.  If you do not show up for your appointment, and you do not call at least 24hrs in advance to cancel or reschedule, then your card on file will be charged a $45 No -Show fee and the $25 deposit fee.  We Understand things happen so just give us a call to cancel.  
Thank You.
Q: How far along should I️ be before I️ have a 4D & HD Ultrasound?
A: If you plan on having only one ultrasound examination,  we would recommend having the ultrasound performed between the 27th - 34th week of pregnancy for best images of baby's face. The best time to come in is when the baby is awake, kicking and moving around.  This will vary for every mother.  Best to have a sweet drink or some candy prior to visit. We do not recommend moms come in after 36 weeks as it does become more difficult to obtain profile facial images of face.  Baby has less room as they are getting bigger and ready for delivery.  We will not perform ultrasounds for moms past the 36 week mark as it becomes a 50/50 chance of seeing baby's face.  Before booking your appointment, Please call our offices first if you have any questions. 

Q: Can I️ get more than one Ultrasound? 
A: YES, absolutely! Some mothers come in for a gender check, then again in their second and third trimester to obtain photos from different stages of their baby.  Some mothers just want to check on baby so they come in for a heartbeat scan throughout their pregnancy to ensure peace of mind as they may be high risk mothers.
The Bliss package is great for moms interested in these multiple packages. 

Most OBGYN offices provide moms with 1-3 (2D only) Ultrasound scans during the entire pregnancy.  (and some insurances only allow a certain number of scans).   Here at Sneak A Baby Peek we can accommodate all mothers scanning needs without worry or limitation. And We have a state of the art GE Voluson E8 ultrasound machine that is 4D & HD (HD = 5D)  capable. Our machine take pictures, but also records video of baby doing all sorts of wonderful things, like yawning, waving and moving around.  Mothers will have photos and videos of their child to cherish forever. 
Q: Is it safe to do frequent ultrasound?
This is a great question and we get asked a lot by moms about this. Our GE Voluson E8 machine uses ultrasonic sound waves to produce the images.  Not Radiation.  Its true!!  You can google it!! :)  So there is absolutely no harm or radiation exposure to baby or mom during her scan with us.  Rest assure!  

Q: Is there an additional charge for moms having more than one baby?
Yes.  Moms that have twins or more will be charged an additional $25/per baby. This applies to all our services as the technician will need extra time for extra baby's.  

Q: What if moms come in early for a heart beat or gender session. 
A:  Moms need to ensure they are at least 6 weeks pregnant for their heart beat session. If we are unable to to hear heart beat because moms have come in before 6 weeks then a rescan will need to be scheduled in order to hear a heart beat. The price for a heart beat rescan is $45.  IN ORDER TO AVOID A HEART BEAT RESCAN PLEASE ENSURE YOU ARE AT LEAST 6 WEEKS PREGNANT
Same applies for our gender check sessions.  Moms must be at least 13 weeks pregnant for gender determination.  If we are unable to determine gender because moms have come in before13 weeks a rescan will need to be scheduled.  The rescan price is $55.  IN ORDER TO AVOID A GENDER  RESCAN PLEASE ENSURE YOU ARE AT LEAST 13 WEEKS PREGNANT

Q: Will I️ always get a beautiful image of my baby? 
A: Unfortunately there are no guarantees.  It will depend upon the baby and several factors that can determine the perfect image. Those factors are listed below. Our technician will always try to get the best images.  Somethings the tech will try might include having mom cough, or changing scan positions, or having mom empty bladder if it's too full, or just some simple stretches.  We even have some candy for moms and baby to eat. The Technician will always explain and show you baby's positioning so that you can understand why the best images were not able to be obtained.  If baby still isn't cooperating/showing, then a rescan can be performed for a fee.  Please ask your technician about rescan details.  


A $25 booking fee will be collected when booking the appointment.  The remaining balance will be collected the day of your service. Thank You.

A 10% will discount apply to our Loyal Veterans, Medical Service providers (which includes Doctors & Nurses) and Teachers with proof of Military/Medical / Teacher ID.       Tel: 702-912-1006 


**If you enjoyed your service with us 

We Greatly Appreciate a Review on Google or Yelp.  Thank you!

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