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Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Diving into the ins and outs of baby gender tests and the different ways parents can find out the gender of their baby before they are born.

Baby gender tests

Each year, over 3 million babies are born in the US! An estimated 58% of expecting parents opt to find out their baby's gender before the baby is born. Although Nowadays that number is changing, and more parents want to keep their babies gender a surprise. Gender Reveals have become very popular in the past recent years. Its a great way to get family and friends together to celebrate babies arrival into the world.

When it's your first pregnancy, you may have questions about how baby gender tests work and which ones are accurate. There are tons of so-called "methods" floating around the internet, but only some of them guarantee accuracy!

If you're looking for a definitive guide to baby gender tests, you've come to the right place.

Read on to find out which baby gender tests really work and which ones are no more reliable than flipping a coin.

The Most Accurate Baby Gender Tests

Chances are, if you're curious about your unborn baby's gender, you're looking for accuracy! In order to get an accurate read, you'll need the assistance of medical professionals ( your OBGYN) or medical equipment with a trained sonographer (That's us).

Let's look at your options for accurate baby gender assessment.


The most common and accurate way to find out your baby's gender is to get an ultrasound at 13 weeks or later. Babies positioning is very important in order to determine accurate gender results. As long as the baby is properly positioned at the time of the ultrasound, your technician will be able to get a clear read of your baby's gender! In fact, you can even get special packages that include 2D gender images. At our studio we even have heartbeat animals. This is when we record your babies hear beat and place recording inside pouch of animal of your choice. The farther along you are, the more you'll be able to tell not only the baby's gender but what he or she will look like upon arrival in 3D, 4D & HD! 

Genetic Blood Tests

Genetic blood test work!! but you've got a more accurate read if you discover you're having a boy than if you're having a girl. 

The genetic blood test involves testing a sample of Mom's blood in search of any Y chromosomes. If a Y chromosome is present, you're having a boy! If there is no Y chromosome present, that could mean two things: either you're having a girl or there was no Y chromosome present in that particular sample.

This is a test you can get as early as 6 weeks which is why some parents find it appealing. However, it's still a good idea to go forward with an ultrasound down the road, just to make sure the results are accurate! Here at Sneak a Baby Peek we source our DNA Gender test from Sneak Peek DNA Tests ( which is a separate company). Turn around time for your results 48-72hrs via email.

Less Accurate Baby Gender Tests

What about tests that are accurate often but not always? This is where drugstore baby gender prediction kits come into play. We do not recommend wasting time or money on these tests.

Baby Gender Prediction Kits

You can find these prediction kits online or at the drugstore. They're inexpensive and claim to produce accurate results as early as 10 weeks, which sounds appealing.

The problem is that there's not a lot of evidence backing up these kits. The objective is to mix the mother's urine with the solution provided in the kit to see how the two interact. However, doctors have noted that there's no sign that the baby is affecting the mother's urine in a way that would lend to these tests' accuracy.

So in these cases its best to stick with DNA testing or Ultrasound to confirm babys gender. We hope this article helps.

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