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Many of you might be asking what is a Gender reveal? A Gender Reveal can take place in many different forms. It is an announcement/Celebration that reveals the sex of baby before they are born. In our previous Blog "Everything a Parent Needs To Know About Gender Tests" we explain the best methods to determine gender. (Ultrasound is available at 13 weeks & DNA testing is available at 6 weeks here at Sneak a Baby Peek). All pregnant moms must be under the care of an OBGYN. OBGYN's will perform a gender ultrasound at or around 20 weeks.

Gender surprise requests are very common. This is where moms would not like to know the gender until a reveal party or until baby's arrival. Here at Sneak a Baby Peek we are very good at keeping a secret.

Planning a Gender reveal party is best to set 2-3 weeks after anticipated gender results. This gives you time to account for delayed lab results or a sonogram that is unclear.

Please be careful and skip any fire related items, like fireworks or sparklers. We have much safer items like gender canons or gender extinguishers (which are next level if you ask me )

Below you will find some safe and fun Gender Reveal ideas to host a gender reveal party. We sell Canons & Extinguishers at our store.

  1. Canons

  1. Extinguishers

  2. Balloon fill

  3. Basketball/Football/Golf ball/Baseball

  4. Streamer Spray

  5. Breakable chocolate heart shape box w mini hammer

  6. piñata

  7. Tic Tak Toe Board

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